What's on my mind on day one

by John Jameson

One of the big things we'll be working on this fall is defining requirements -- what the whole Princeton community wants & needs in terms of both form and function. That will take a lot of research -- both statistical (analyzing traffic, conducting surveys) and sneaker-based (interviewing users, testing prototypes, etc). A lot of these will take the form of short sentences that map to specific functionalities or design elements.

But even on day one...here are some things on my wishlist (yours will vary!):

  • News feed designs that are a pleasure to browse. That's a biggie for me.
  • Really good, well-organized outreach content. On any given day, the majority of our site users are visitors. Prospective students, prospective faculty, prospective staff...research partners, supporters, even tourists visiting New Jersey...some of these site users just want to find the nearest parking lot, others are looking for detail-dense, visually rich pages that answer the question "Why Princeton." I want us to do both well.
  • Quick access to content for "in-house" users. I want to make it easier to get from "I'm staring at the home page where do I click" to "Ahh yes, there's my Academic Calendar/Blackboard/PeopleSoft/Registrar/Shuttle/Map link."
  • Beautiful stuff. We did some tweaking on the old site over the summer to scale things up -- doubling image depth for Retina/High-DPI devices and adding a few wider breakpoints for big 4k+ monitors. But the chance to revisit the main grid to enable wider content elements...that excites me.
  • Finding stuff. The A-Z list search, the general search, the directory search...not to mention the interactive map and the public events calendar...I have ideas.

So tell me...what's on your wishlist?

Sun setting behind a tree over a streamJust a pretty picture. This stream emerges near the south guard booth and runs past the Lakeside Apartments.

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