Redesign Project Kicks Off (Meet the Team)

by Christian Knoebel

Redesign Project Team

The project team.

The redesign is off to a running start! We kicked off the project at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, January 22, with appropriate fanfare and celebration. A few hours later two feet of snow fell on campus. A coincidence? Absolutely. But the impending snow storm added to the excitement.

Meet the team. Standing from left to right are:

  • Henry Umansky, Web Development Services technical lead
  • Dan Day, Office of Communications project executive
  • Christian Knoebel, Office of Communications project lead
  • Shachi Gawande, Office of Information Technology project management consultant
  • Jill Moraca, Web Development Services project lead

And sitting from left to right are:

  • John Jameson, Office of Communications developer
  • Michael Muzzie, Web Development Services developer
  • Serge Goldstein, Office of Information Technology project executive
  • Charlie Kreitzberg, Office of Information Technology user experience lead

(Picture taken by Mary Albert, Office of Information Technology senior usability and design architect. Maggie Westergaard, Office of Communications design manager, could not make the kick-off.)

OK, folks, let's get busy.

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