Public Beta Launches

Christian Knoebel

Public beta home page screenshot

We are really happy to share the beta of the redesigned today.

Dan Day, assistant vice president for communications, says the new site is visual, responsive and designed in collaboration with people from throughout the University community:

"[The site] is designed to present Princeton in a visually striking, dynamic format that adapts instantly to however someone accesses the site, from a small cellphone screen to a large, high-definition monitor ... In researching and designing the new site over the past year, we interviewed and held focus groups and forums with hundreds of students, faculty and staff members, alumni and others who visit"

I'll add today's beta comes from the hard work of several teams of talented people from the Office of Communications, the Office of Information Technology's Web Development Services and Digital Pulp, our design partner. The teams worked together for over 10 months to get to today's public beta.

I'll write more about our project teams in the coming days, but I'll end with this number: 650. To ensure the process was collaborative, transparent and open to ideas, about 650 people contributed in some way. Whether designers, developers, managers, stakeholders, users, test subjects or idea contributors, each person added something to today's beta launch. Thanks to all.

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Public Beta Launches

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