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by Christian Knoebel

The redesign project in the Prince

This just in from The Daily Princetonian about the University website redesign project:

The website will be revamped in content and format, Knoebel explained, in order to increase accessibility and improve information organization for different visitor demographics.

The University’s current website was designed in 2008 and has information dating back to 2004, he said.

“The current website uses a design that is difficult for people to find the information they want. We want a website with a contemporary design, and moreover, we want a user-centric site,” [Christian] Knoebel said. “We put information in such different places that it’s really hard [to search]. You don’t build a site for its own sake, you build it so the users can get the information they want.”


To further gather input from the University community, an advisory committee, composed of students, faculty and representatives from various administrative offices will soon be formed ... 

“This is an open and transparent process, and we really want people in the University community to contribute to us and have a sense of ownership of the website,” Knoebel said. “We don’t presume to know all the answers and so we will be working very closely with users of the site. What it’s not going to be is a bunch of people sitting in a closed room and asking ourselves, ‘What do we need to do?’ ”

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