Communicate Through Identity, Storytelling and Design

by Christian Knoebel

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It takes a team to tell a good story.
(Attribution: Collectie SPAARNESTAD PHOTO/Wiel van der Randen, via Nationaal Archief)

A university's website is its digital front door. Lots of people walk through that door and their needs aren't all the same.

The prospective undergraduate student wants to learn about admission, the staff employee wants to access Web applications for work, the visitor wants to know where to park, the Princeton resident wants to find a fun event, the alum wants to keep up with news and the faculty member wants to learn about their colleagues' work. 

Many people make up one Princeton. So how will we communicate that one Princeton to each person who visits the next

Through identity, storytelling and design. Here's our vision:

  • Our identity, according to President Christopher Eisgruber, is a great research university with a profound and distinctive commitment to teaching. The university is affordable to all and we have a warm, inclusive and engaged community that fosters lifelong ties.
  • We use storytelling to let the world know about Princeton. We produce newspaper-quality features, visual media and social content about our people and what they do. Our news operation keeps the University community and media outlets informed.
  • Our design aesthetic aims to be right for us and what we do rather than making us number one in a group of peers. It reflects our identity today and where we hope to be while recognizing our past.

So no matter what you're looking for when you walk through the digital front door, we want you to feel that Princeton is far more than the sum of its parts. 

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