In the sandbox: Student portal & new footer

by John Jameson

While it's going to take us many months to do all the research for the complete relaunch, I'm hoping to ship a few interim tweaks to the current site this fall.

I'd love your feedback on the items below -- especially comments about whether you found the things you expected to find and if the labels were clear. Please remember to tell me which things you are commenting on!


Item #1: a possible new footer, focusing on quick access to most-used links:

What's on my mind on day one

by John Jameson

One of the big things we'll be working on this fall is defining requirements -- what the whole Princeton community wants & needs in terms of both form and function. That will take a lot of research -- both statistical (analyzing traffic, conducting surveys) and sneaker-based (interviewing users, testing prototypes, etc). A lot of these will take the form of short sentences that map to specific functionalities or design elements.

But even on day are some things on my wishlist (yours will vary!):


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