Where is Webmail?

by Christian Knoebel

The top question we've received in feedback is like this one:

I used to be able to find the webmail link at the top of the University main page, now I can't find it.

In the old site webmail was two clicks away. In the new site webmail is two clicks away. We didn't make webmail harder to get to, we made the landing page around it much better.

Here's how to find it: On the top of every page, point your mouse at "Links for ..." and click on either "Students" or "Faculty & Staff." A link to webmail is under the headline.

These new "Links for" pages have more than webmail. They list the most-used links that were found among many different pages on the old site. Access to academic and business applications is now more convenient.

Also, webmail is a business tool for faculty, staff and students, it's not for the public. We were mistaken to place it on the top of every page on the site, which exposed it to every visitor on every page turn.