by John Jameson

One of the top requests we received from y'all was the need to improve our site search. After a good bit of chin-scratching, we found four specific requests that we could tackle without needing to wait for the full redesign:

  1. Order the results "like Google."
  2. Add a sort by date option, especially for news articles.
  3. Separate alphabetical A-Z matches from rank-ordered site search results.
  4. Add image search.

A few months later, we've gotten the funding and written some code to make things work on the existing go ahead and preview the new search on our dev site.

If you find any bugs, please send them over -- especially if you have a somewhat obscure browser or device that might not be represented in my little lab. 

Note that "People" will only return one result on the dev server -- that won't be an issue once we go live.  

New search preview