Road Trip: Mathey and Rocky

by Christian Knoebel

Road Trip: Mathey and Rocky

All aboard!

Hey, Mathey and Rocky, we're stopping by to talk about the website redesign. 

We'll update you on the project and talk about our plans. We'll also ask for a few willing and able volunteers to help us do some research. But most importantly, we're going to listen to you. Tell us whatever you want about the current site and what you need from the redesigned site.

Here's our schedule:

  • Rockefeller College Dining Hall, Wednesday, October 21st, noon to 1p
  • Mathey College Dining Hall, Friday, October 23rd, noon to 1p

(Look for us in a nearby room if you don't see us in the main dining hall). Stop by for five minutes or the whole hour. We'll see you then.

These are the first of many meetings we're having around campus. Any student is welcome to attend these, and we're planning to visit all the residential colleges in the coming weeks. We'll reach out to faculty and staff soon for similar conversations.